CLEAN ENERGY PRODUCTS. Lithium Hydroxide and Mineral Byproducts. Essential minerals for longer-range Electric Vehicles and other industrial products.

Our Markets

Piedmont Lithium supplies metals and minerals used to build “green energy” innovations and conventional consumer and industrial products. From producing Lithium-ion battery metals to minerals used in everyday consumer products, we will use sustainable technologies throughout our operations.

Lithium Hydroxide

Battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide from Spodumene. Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) is required for high-nickel batteries in longer-range vehicles and has become the preferred chemical used by auto makers in developing higher purity, larger capacity EV batteries. This means longer range electric vehicles on the market.

Mineral ByProducts

Piedmont Lithium will not only provide the critical mineral, Lithium Hydroxide, for electric vehicle battery production, we will also provide other essential minerals used to create other consumer products. Piedmont Lithium’s mineral-rich location gives us access to a varied and complex geology and the ability to produce several essential minerals as a by-product of our Lithium from Spodumene operations.