Our Communities

For our communities, Piedmont Lithium aims to operate as a responsible corporate neighbor, communicating with transparency and taking into account our impact on local residents and society as a whole. We will contribute to our communities through charitable partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteerism.

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe stakeholder engagement brings value to Piedmont Lithium as well as our investors, elected officials, and communities. We depend on input from our stakeholders to help optimize our activities and encourage dialogue to educate people on our plans, understand concerns, and respond to feedback.

To date, tremendous resources have been devoted to engaging stakeholders regarding our planned Carolina Lithium project. We are beginning similar engagement with stakeholders surrounding the Tennessee Lithium project.

Civic Support

Piedmont Lithium is committed to supporting the communities where we live, work, and will operate our projects. As we make these locations our home, we will do everything we can to make them great places to live and work for those who call them home.

Economic Development and Jobs Impact

In 2021, Piedmont Lithium conducted an independent economic impact study to better understand how our Carolina Lithium operation would contribute to the local economy.