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Safety and Health

Holding Ourselves to High Standards

At Piedmont, we intentionally approach the traditional health, safety, and environment – or HSE – functions differently. With our focus on safety, environment, and health (SEH), safety is our number one priority for our employees and our communities.

Next, we aim to be good stewards of the environment. We believe that when these two components are done well, health will naturally follow suit because the right programs and practices are in place to help ensure good health for our ourselves and our neighbors.

At the foundation of our SEH program is Piedmont Promise, our pledge to operate our facilities safely and with responsible environmental stewardship. It serves as the cornerstone of our SEH policy and an expectation on which our employees, neighbors, stakeholders, and communities can rely.

We emphasize doing things the safe way, not the easy way, as we uphold our commitments. SEH will be at the forefront of our activities, and we plan to prioritize nine key activities:

  1. Incorporate SEH into our business strategy and processes.
  2. Design, operate, and maintain our facilities and processes in a way that protects our people, the environment, and community.
  3. Encourage full engagement and empower employees by making SEH everyone’s 100% responsibility: 
    1 employee, 0 incidents, 0 failures = 100%.
  4. Provide necessary resources, including, but not limited to, appropriate equipment, tools, training, and support to our employees to meet and exceed SEH expectations and requirements.
  5. Develop and maintain SEH management systems that foster continuous improvement.
  6. Proactively eliminate SEH risks.
  7. Work with contractors and suppliers who share our SEH values.
  8. Be an employer for all with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  9. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards, and facilitate transparent assessment and reporting of SEH requirements.

Preparing for Future Operations

While our Tennessee Lithium and Carolina Lithium projects are not yet operational, we are actively preparing safety programs and protocols to guide our efforts. This includes identifying key risk areas and mitigation plans, measuring incident and lost time rates, developing industrial hygiene and medical surveillance programs, and establishing robust training and development programs.

Contractor Safety

In 2022, Piedmont began developing a contractor safety program that will eventually include expectations, metrics, and audits as well as documentation of incidents. Our goal is to better define these program elements as we build our operations and contractor base. To date, there have been zero contractor fatalities.