What reclamation plans does Piedmont Lithium have in place?

Piedmont will implement progressive reclamation throughout our site. What does that mean? It means that we will use excess rock to backfill quarries as much as can be practically achieved. Progressive reclamation means that we will not leave an exposed excess rock pile; instead, we will cover and plant the slopes of our excess rock pile as we build it. Progressive reclamation means that when we have finished operating in an area, we will remove all our permanent equipment such as conveyors, replace topsoil and reseed, and make our site ready for post-operational use. Buildings that are no longer in use will be taken down, their foundations covered, and the area replanted. Piedmont Lithium is responsible for all these activities, and we will pay for it. In the future, our Carolina Lithium property could be used for future manufacturing development, parks, trails, greenways, recreation areas, commercial development, solar development, or it could be a combination of any of these.